A Brave Girl Story . . .

IMAGINE walking into a University and being able to take any class you wanted, whenever you wanted. . .

IMAGINE that the University was filled with some of the finest Teachers in their fields . . .

And IMAGINE that all of those classes revolved around Art & Healing & Wellness & Empowerment & Soul Health!

Now IMAGINE that this place EXISTS!

You may have heard all of the exciting Brave Girl University Posts lately and you may have seen that I have been asked to be an instructor!  I created a brief video to tell you what this journey has meant to me and to share a little bit about the offerings at BGU.  

If you're still "thinking" about it, that's okay!  Go take a look at the over 80 teachers and 400 classes that are offered on the site for one monthly subscription price.  That's right--you get ALL ACCESS, to ALL TEACHERS and ALL CLASSES, ALL THE TIME for one monthly subscription fee.

And guess what?  If you sign up before it goes LIVE tomorrow, you will receive The Brave Box add-on for $20 and will be able to lock in the lower price before it increases to $24.95!

Still unsure, at least you can "hold a spot" with no obligations right HERE.

For all the details and to find out how to sign up, click HERE.  

Looking forward to seeing you THERE! Classes begin September 1st!