I don't know about you all, but Somerset Studio and the Stampington family magazines are among my favorites when it comes to inspiration and creativity.  I subscribe to all of their delicious publications and when they land in my mailbox, I set them aside to read when I have the time to relax and devour every word and picture.

One of the best parts is flipping through and finding articles about artists that I personally know!  You can imagine my surprise when I opened up this latest issue and found my own artwork! Somerset did send me a complimentary issue with a letter telling me I had been published - but I didn't see it until after I already opened my own subscription.  I'm glad it happened that way . . . glad I got that giddy feeling when I flipped the page over and saw my name and my canvas art.  It was like, well, it was SERENDIPITY!

If you haven't gotten your copy yet - go get one - It's a beautiful issue - and I'm not just saying that!