Week 2 - The Documented Life Project

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 10
Art Challenge: Gesso
Journal Prompt: "The Beginning is Always Today" - Mary Shelley

Welcome to Week 2!  Are we having fun yet?  I know I am!  I am loving going through The Art to the 5th Academy and seeing all of the amazing journal pages in our gallery.  This week, I will be using Gesso in my journal to create a page inspired by Mary Shelley's quote. 

I was all set to do something completely different on my page until I came across this picture when I was searching through my drawer of ephemera.

It's from an ancient McCall's sewing pattern envelope and I couldn't stop laughing at it.  This is what I feel I look like . . . "What up, Dawg?"  Yeah, that's me, the dorky mom who thinks she is so cool!  #gangstamom  It became my inspiration for my page and a reminder not to take myself too seriously. YO!

I started with Golden Fluid Acrylics and used a brayer to randomly rub them onto the journal page.  The Fluid Acrylics have a nice transparency.  Once dry, I used a Donna Downey Stencil (poppy stems) to add some light to my background, then dabbed on contrasting colors and the white gesso.

Instead of using gesso on the bottom layer of my journal page, I used the gesso on the top layer.  I watered it down and painted a pathway over my background.  I love the way the colors just slightly show through the white gesso.

Mary Shelley's quote inspired me to start with today and walk through this year with attributes that I love.  Each step, each day is a new beginning.  I added my "cool mom" avatar with gel matte medium and embellished the page with a permanent black pen and a smudgy pencil.  I love the path I've chosen to walk down this year!

I will be looking forward to seeing everyone's pages this week!  Happy Documenting!

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