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Week 40:  Paint or color with three colors you never use

My first thought when I read this challenge was, "I don't want to do this"  But then, hey, it's not a challenge if it's easy, right?  And I do like a challenge!  I knew instantly what colors I would use.  For some reason, I rarely use purple!  I don't know why, I like purple, I just never seem to pick it up!  I also never use violet.  For the third color, I searched through my bin of acrylic paint and found the one that was the fullest.  Viridian Green.  Eck!  What a combination!  So here they are:

Looking at those three colors, I instantly though of irises.  Probably the toughest flower to paint.  I tried it.  It didn't work out too well, which is why you won't see a picture of it here!  No wonder I never use these three colors!  I pulled in some white to get some different hues and just decided to paint and see where it took me.

So maybe I see a little sky????

A few upward strokes for some grass and stems - then some purple, violet and white dots for my flowers.  I added a few puffy white clouds floating by.

So there is my experiment in 3 seldom used colors . . . I think it might be a while before I pull them out again . . . LOL!

Have a great week - I can't wait to see which colors you all use!

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