Down Under

Week 33:  Use Your UnderPaper in a Creative Way

What is "underpaper" you may say?  UnderPaper is what I put below my paintings, journals, and art work to catch all those delicious paint spills and over-spraying.  It's what I wipe my paintbrushes on, doodle all over, and scratch out ideas on.  It's meant to protect my work table, but usually it is so beautiful, I have to recycle it into something else! The hard part about this challenge was trying to pick just one little piece to work with!

I sorted through the piles and examined them closely, hoping something would jump out at me.  I settled on this piece:

And then I zeroed in on this:

Photo Aug 07, 11 11 25 PM.jpg

I did a super quick little sketch around what my eye saw in the UnderPaper and highlighted a few areas with watercolor and added a sticker for the title.

Photo Aug 07, 11 47 14 PM.jpg

Now if only I were sitting in that chair with a Margarita in my hand . . . sigh.

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