Black & White

Week 36:  Black & White

 photo credit:  Michael Bell

photo credit:  Michael Bell

My husband is slowly easing into retirement and he wanted a hobby so he picked up a camera and started messing around just for fun - but when he started showing me his photographs, I was amazed at how he looks at the world.  He's good.  Really good.

He shot this photo of me when I was sitting in a very boring admissions lecture at MIT with my nephew.  (No offense to anyone - I was just way out of my league so I zoned out!)  Instead of paying attention, I was doing what I normally do and pulled out my sketchbook to pass the time. Busted!  I had no idea he took the shot, but when he showed me this picture, he said, "this is how I see you.  Your hands have so much to say."  He told me he focused on my hands - the instruments I use to take care of everyone, the instruments I use to create, and to pray and to love and to hold on to what is dear to me. . . . deep sigh.

This is my husband:  (photo taken by my son, Christian).

So this week, simple and sweet, I used his photo as my inspiration!  He shot it with a monochromatic camera so it really is in black and white. 

I matted the photo with a tiny bit of black and used my stabilo aquarellable pencil and a water brush to draw random lines on the background.  I doodled some borders using black and white pens, then adhered some sticker letters on the page.  I treasure this picture - it's a gift to be able to see yourself through someone else's eyes.

I hope you enjoy the challenge, and as always, I cannot wait to see how you all interpret and create!

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