Fortune Teller

Week 32:  Incorporate a fortune cookie fortune

Fortune's from fortune cookies!!!!  Well I have a few of those sitting around . . . you never know when you might need one!  Okay, I admit it . . . we order Chinese Take Out A LOT around this place and I keep a little jar in my studio stuffed with the fortunes from each meal.

I'm so glad I finally had a a use for these.  I decided to create my background from a bunch of fortunes by using a UHU glue stick to attach them.  I knew I wanted to sketch on top of them, so I spread a coat of clear gesso over the top and let it dry.  The clear gesso leaves a nice, gritty finish on top that is perfect for rough sketching.

Using my fave graphgear mechanical pencil, I sketched out a 'Lucky Cat' and a fortune cookie.

I painted my Lucky Cat using gouache and Caran D'Ache Neocolor II watersoluble crayons to make him pop off the page.  I pulled my pencil marks into the gouache to smudge and shade.

Lucky Cat looks a little grumpy . . . have to turn that frown upside down . . .

There!  All better now!  I hope you enjoy this week's challenge, as usual, I am excited to see how all of you interpret it!

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