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Week 19 - Perform a Random Act of Kindness and Document

I love, love, love this week's challenge because I did something brave that I have never done before (but have wanted to)!  I follow a group on facebook called Art Abandonment.  This group is amazing with over 13,000 followers and is filled with artists who create art as gifts and leave them in random places for others to find!  Typically, they leave a little note attached that tells about the group and you can include an email address so the recipient can let you know they found it!  There is something so fulfilling about sending your art out into the universe and knowing that it is going to land in the exact hands it is supposed to!  Artists who leave their abandoned work post pictures on facebook and tell their stories - it's so inspiring!

I painted a little face on a 6x6 linen canvas with acrylics.  I was really getting attached to her, but I knew she wasn't mine to keep . . . I printed out a little card (available on the Art Abandonment facebook page) and tucked it behind the canvas and off to my local shopping center we went.

Photo May 01, 3 42 18 PM.jpg

I left her sitting on a ledge outside a store in Winter Garden, Florida.  It was kind of sad to leave her, but also kind of exciting to think of someone finding her and imagining their reaction!  I hope she finds a good home, and it would be amazing to hear about who finds her!  Now I'm off to post my picture of my abandoned art on the Art Abandonment facebook page!  I documented the story in my planner with photos printed on watercolor paper, and I wrote down the story on the back of my planner page.

I can't wait to hear about the amazing Random Acts of Kindness that you all perform this week!

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