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Week 7 Challenge:  Draw a shape.  Add color.  Repeat.


Shapes!  How fun . . . what other shape is more appropriate this week than a HEART!  I started drawing my first heart, then just like that, inspiration was gone!  There had to be something more creative I could do than just draw hearts over and over again.  Having been on Pinterest a lot for the last challenge, I remember seeing so many posts about Valentine projects and stitched hearts.  So instead of "drawing" shapes, I made a pile of pretty papers and decided to cut my shapes out in different patterns and colors!


I started layering my patterned hearts, then ran a stitch straight down the middle from top to bottom to give my heart a "pop-up" effect.  I have seen this done with circles and hearts and strung on ribbon for garlands.  They are quite pretty!


I gently folded the sides of each heart into the center, giving it dimension . . .


As a base for my page, I cut a piece of Core'dinations embossed and whitewashed paper and lightly sanded the top to get a worn, shabby look.  I found a square doily I had and cut it directly in half so that I could attach it to the edge of my embossed paper, adding yet another element and more dimension.  Once these were all attached with washi tape, I used a glue stick to attach my fluttery heart to the center of the doily.  Now there is a little surprise inside when I open up to my Valentine's week!


I loved the heart so much that I created a second one and attached it to an old book page and adhered it to the back side of my "hinged page."


I hope you enjoy this weeks challenge!  I can't wait to see what you come up with!  It's the highlight of my week to see the amazing pages created by The Documented Life Project members!  Click on the links below to get even more inspiration for you challenge from the other Art to the 5th Artists!  Happy Documenting!

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