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Week 9 Challenge:  Collage Something You Recycle

What to choose, what to choose?  I've been asking myself that all week and I don't think I have ever spent so much time examining my garbage!!  I've been thinking of mermaids lately since I am heading to the islands next week so when I came across the labels from bottled water, the transparency was so tempting!  I peeled the labels off the bottles and cut them into wavy strips to simulate, well, the sea!

Photo Feb 21, 10 07 52 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 21, 10 13 58 PM.jpg

Then I painted a little mermaid.  I made her in two parts so I could make her look like she was popping out of the waves and taking a jealous peek at all the girls on the beach who had legs!  (I have a vivid imagination at 1:00am!)  I used gouache which I am still experimenting with so she's a little rough, but I like her.

Photo Feb 21, 11 30 57 PM.jpg

I used a glue stick to tack down the plastic "waves" and tucked her tail behind one of the pieces.  I continued to layer waves and body parts until I had my mermaid successfully bobbing in the water.  Once finished, I tied up loose ends with more glue, trimmed off extra pieces and washi-ied her right into my planner!  So fun!

Photo Feb 21, 11 33 51 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 21, 11 36 19 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 21, 11 51 11 PM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 12 01 39 AM.jpg
Photo Feb 22, 12 00 36 AM.jpg

Thanks for stopping by to play today!  I can't wait to see what awesomeness you all come up with!  Don't forget to visit the rest of the Art to the 5th Artist Blogs for even more inspiration!  Happy Documenting!

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