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The Documented Life Project:  Week 6

So this week's challenge is to open up Pinterest and be inspired!  So much to look at!  So much to decide!  I have enough things pinned on Pinterest to keep me busy, inspired, well fed and amused for the rest of my life!  I decided to look through some Valentine's ideas and came across a bowl of strawberries.  The colors were amazing and I knew I just had to paint this.  Here's the Pinterest Picture I chose from the Freshy Pinterest Board.


I challenged myself by using a medium I rarely use but want to learn more about, Twinkling H2Os by Luminarte.  They are water-based and move like watercolor, however they are much thicker and have a mica pigment mixed in to give them a sparkling look when dry.  I selected my palette and sprayed them well with water to activate the pigment.  They look like candy to me!

Photo Jan 29, 8 17 58 PM.jpg

I sketched out the design on a piece of watercolor paper then began to add my lighter colors first.  I continued to add layers to build up the shape of the strawberries, then put in some darker shades to give some depth.  I love how the paints sparkle when they are dry.  They are really beautiful!

Photo Jan 29, 8 42 15 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 29, 8 50 12 PM (1).jpg
Photo Jan 30, 8 03 07 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 30, 6 14 45 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 30, 6 12 59 PM.jpg

And here's my finished bowl of strawberries - picked and cleaned and taped into my planner!

Photo Jan 31, 10 27 47 AM.jpg

I can't wait to see what you all are inspired by this week!  Don't forget to check out the rest of the Art to the 5th Blogs for more creative takes on this challenge!

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