September Theme
Journaling with Photos
Week 38 - September 19
Art Challenge: Silhouettes
Journal Prompt:  There is no shadow without the light...

I love taking pictures in Silhouette.  Even though you can't see all the details, you get hints of images. And I feel like images can tell a creative story way better than details!

I like to "hide" the sun behind subjects in my photography -- it makes for an interesting composition and instantly illuminates the object like this . . . 

Photo Credit: Lorraine Bell

The picture above was taken in the Troll Fjord in Norway last month - just floating through on a zodiak boat sipping champagne.  Life is good, eh?

Another way to take a picture in silhouette is to stand in a dark place and shoot into the light like this . . . 

Photo Credit: Lorraine Bell

This photo was also taken in Norway - In Lofoten at a Viking Hut, no less. We were touring and I turned and I turned and saw this shot . . . it has so much meaning, don't you think?  The prompt this week is "there is no shadow without the light" and I think an open door is so metaphorical. A dark room with a door that opens into the light.  This is the photo I chose to document this week.

I printed it on Moab Somerset Museum Rag Paper.  This is pricey paper, but I use it for only my finest copies. I printed with no border and when it came out of my inkjet printer, it looked like velvet.  I let the ink dry well, then sprayed it with fixative to set the color and prevent it from smearing later on.

I adhered the photo into my art journal using a gel medium and let it dry.

On the facing page, I layed down a coat of white gesso and then used Pam Carriker's amazing Matisse Fluid Matt Acrylic paint in deep shades to "pull" the color from the photo.

Lorraine Bell

Next, a favorite little quote written with a white uniball pen and I'm done!

Lorraine Bell

I'm excited to see how you all take on the silhouette challenge this week!  I love to incorporate photographs in my art journals!

Lorraine Bell Art Journal Page

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