Wandering Again!

Any idea what the picture below means? I'll give you a hint . . . vintage wallpaper, Fabriano watercolour paper, and an old text book, gutted.

It means I'm getting ready to travel AGAIN!

For this trip, instead of buying my usual Iona Handcrafted Sketchbooks, I decided to create my own book!  Getting inspiration from Mary Ann Moss, I prepared a little book to record my upcoming trip to GREECE and TURKEY! Mary Ann is a Wanderer, just like me - and she makes gorgeous books to take along on her journeys.  Do check out her blog and her classes.  Did I mention she was amazing?

This little book is so luscious, I cannot wait to dig in!

Want to know what other art supplies I carry with me on my travels? I explain it all here:

Traveling Art Kit from Lorraine Bell on Vimeo.

This video shows in detail what artist Lorraine Bell uses when she travels to create her amazing art journals and stories on the road.

So I'm off to the beautiful turquoise waters and white-washed islands of Greece for some fun, sun and relaxation! Wish I could take you along with me!