The Gift

July Theme
Week 30 - July 25
Art Challenge: Real Life

Journal Prompt:  At this Moment

It started with a little sketch . . . it always starts with a sketch - haha!

And then I pulled out these . . .

And I colored and blended and colored and blended.  *tip - use odorless mineral spirits and a blending stump to blend pencil crayons - luscious! And of course,I had to add this quote . . . just perfect for the challenge this week!

Then I found some pretty paper in this AWESOME book (I also subscribe to their magazine!)

I cut out some SWEET little wing shapes . . .

And then my girl learned how to fly!

Yesterday's the past,

Tomorrow's the future,

but today is a gift.

That's why it's called

the present.

~ Bil Keane

I hope your week is full of gifts - and here is one right now:  Please welcome our amazing Featured Artist this Week:

Jeanne Oliver!

See her post HERE

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