Wandering Aimlessly

{Repost from September, 2012 - Chronicles From The Empty Nest}

I survived my first week and am starting to get in a little groove now.  It helps that my husband surprised me with an "Empty Nest Trip" after my son got his first college acceptance letter so with the trip rapidly approaching, I have been busy with planning, researching and organizing.  This has prevented me from feeling sorry for myself.  I mean, poor pitiful me - I have to go on a trip for the next 5 weeks to Europe.  Waa-waa-waa.

     Two days after we dropped our son at college, we had to take our daughter to the airport to head off for her senior year.  For a moment I was thinking that in just 9 months she will graduate and be back home with us (!) but I believe she will be a career student with plans for law school next year.  {Sigh}.

     After leaving the airport, neither my husband or myself were ready to go home to an empty house so we took a little detour to Barnes & Noble for some reading material . . . 

All of this should keep me busy for the next 10 days!!  As I was sitting on the floor of the book store, I was pouring over the books and starting to feel a little excited.  Oh my gosh, am I allowed to feel that way yet???  Hey there must be something to this empty nest stuff.

But back at home, I wandered through the empty house and could not believe how quiet it was!  Like picking at a scab, I had to walk through both of my kids' bedrooms and pause for a few tears and a lot of memories.  Oooh, don't think I will be doing that again for a while.  There were no wet towels and clothes to pick up off my son's floor and no makeup scattered all over my daughter's vanity.  I thought of all the times I yelled, "clean your room" but now they are clean and I don't much care for it that way.

     Down in the laundry room there were only a few scattered pieces to wash instead of the mountains of dirty clothes that usually reside on the floor in there.  Yep, neat and tidy and NOTHING to do.  I decided to dig into those travel books, but glanced at the sink as I walked by...

Pretty pathetic, huh?  Who would have thought I would be longing for a sink full of dishes.  I can't tell you how many times my husband and I checked our cell phones for missed calls and text messages, but there just weren't any.  SNAP OUT OF IT!  We have GOT to get a GRIP!  And just as I started to worry about not hearing from the kids, I got this picture in a text message from my son:

I had to smile . . . he had found his way to Publix, got the necessities - a half gallon of milk and a box of fried chicken and I realized he was going to be just fine!!!