Rise to the Occasion

May Theme
Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 16 - Week 20
Art Challenge:  Modeling Paste
Journal Prompt:  Rising to the Occasion


Modeling Paste can be a tricky medium to use and I am not a big fan . . . typically I use it on canvas when needed and have never tried it in my art journals, so let's see how this goes!  I prefer heavy body gel mediums to get texture on my pages, but I love a challenge so I'm willing to give it a try!

If you don't have modeling paste - you can try drywall spackle or look online to find recipes for homemade pastes. Another great product is Texture Paste by Ranger.  I use that quite a bit when I want to get some dimension in my artwork.

Most of the time, I start out with a rough sketch like the one below - I'm just looking for placement when I do this - everything will be fine-tuned as the work progresses.

Layers, layers, layers!  Using colored pencils -my favorite Staedtler Ergosoft - I started "coloring" using layer after layer.  Using a tortillion and odorless mineral spirits, I blended the pencils to create a soft, dreamy look.

Using water and several shades of blues, greens and white, I slapped on some acrylic paint in the background.  I also scratched some lines into the wet paint with a bamboo reed pen.  You can see below that I didn't blend well - I wanted to see all the marks and brush strokes.  I think it is a nice contrast between my sweet, dreamy girl and makes her stand out.

I used a foam sponge and some white acrylic paint to rub on some clouds.  This can easily turn into a disaster trying to make them look perfect, but the trick is to rub on the white quickly and leave it alone!

Because the prompt is "Rising to the Occasion," I made up a little statement about this piece.  Rising to the occasion is to overcome difficult situations; to stand up and meet them head on.  This girl, though bruised, is strong and capable of standing up and facing the day!

At this point, I felt the piece was finished, however I wanted to embrace the art challenge and add in my modeling paste.  Because the paste will dry opaque white - I decide to smear it over my clouds with a palette knife.  Modeling paste can also be tinted with paint before applying, but I used it straight out of the jar.

Once the paste was dry, I used a baby wipe to apply some watered-down acrylic paint and then popped some bright white on top of the blue.  This gave the clouds a three dimensional fluffy look!

I'm looking forward to seeing how many creative ways you all use modeling paste this week!  I am also thrilled to announce our featured artist this week is the amazing Heather Santos!  See how she uses modeling paste in her challenge Here.

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