Going Undercover

February Theme
Layers You Will Love!
February 14 - Week 7
Art Challenge:  Covering up good stuff
Journal Prompt:  Going Undercover

Art Journaling for me has always been a way to express myself in a private and creative way.  I use my journal as a diary of sorts, chronicling and documenting what goes on in my life and in my heart.  I use it as a workbook, a study guide or just a place to "play."  When we started The Documented Life Project, I realized that a lot of my art work would go from being private to very public {cringe.} Today I am sharing a way that I use my art journal to pour out emotions that are for my eyes only.  I have done many, many pages over the years this same way...heaven forbid some day some anthropologist uncovers my work and decides to X-ray what's underneath the paintings {as if!}

I begin by writing.  Everything.  Whatever comes out of my head.  I let the words just flow onto the page in a mindless way, most do not make sense, and I don't worry about penmanship, punctuation, or spacing.  I write large and illegible.  I use a waterproof pen.  Then I take a paintbrush and and dry brush white gesso over top of the words.  It doesn't completely cover them up, but hey, it's all about layering, right?

Before the gesso is even dry, I put random drops of Dr. PH Martin's Bombay India Ink and Daler Rowney Artist Acrylic Ink all over the page.  Now the fun stuff!

I lightly brush some of the ink to cover the page, then I just tilt the journal in all different directions and let the ink run all over the place.  I even got some ink onto the next two blank pages of my journal, so I will have to incorporate those ink blobs into my next two challenges - LOL!  I blotted with a paper towel, which left some accidental and awesome dots on the page!

I began to sketch a face on the background.  It is hard to see {intentionally} but the pencil marks aren't that important at this point.

I added a little white gesso with my finger to cover the skin area and once dry, I went in again with my pencil and gave some more definition to the facial features - blending a little here and there with my fingers by smudging.

Next it was time for some really yummy color with my Caran D'Ache Neocolor II water soluable crayons!!!  These are so amazing - you can use them like a crayon to color, or you can wet either the crayon or your marks on the paper to paint with beautiful pigment!

Below you can see some of the luscious color from the crayons blended into the face and hat of my sketch. 

And below is my finished piece.  The words are still visible, but unreadable - they now just appear as a textural element on the page.  And because I still felt very vulnerable by having my words out there on the page for all to see - I decided to sketch my girl with her head tipped down and the brim of her hat covering her eyes . . . she's gone undercover!

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