Windows of My Mind

October Theme
Translucent Papers
Week 43:  October 24
Art Challenge: Glassine
Journal Prompt:  Windows of My Mind

This week we are using Glassine as a medium in our challenges.  Don't know what glassine is? Well, it's kinda like vellum . . . it's transparent with a  dull in appearance and it can be wrinkly or smooth.  I happened to have a pack of glassine envelopes left over from some invitations I made years ago, so I used one of those for my challenge.  Don't have glassine?  How about using some deli paper, or other semi-transparent paper?

I covered my journal page with some old underpaper that I had in a pile in my studio.  I always save my underpaper to use for wrapping packages or repurposing for art. It helps to tackle that blank page right off the bat.  You can learn more about underpapers HERE.

I cut the flaps off of my envelope and then cut a piece of watercolor paper a little larger than twice the size of my glassine.  I centered the glassine on the paper and folded the edges in with a scoring tool creating "shutters."  See where I am going with this?  Windows of my mind?  You all are so clever!

I traced the opening of the "window" and used some inexpensive watercolors to paint a scene I would love to see out of my window! Of course in my mind, I would be looking at a BEACH, so that's what I drew. I didn't worry about being perfect or precise, the painting was going to be covered up slightly.

I used acrylic paint to paint around the window and on the flaps that fold in.  Once they dried well, I used a Distress Marker to outline and draw my shutters.  Because the markers are water soluble, I was able to create shadows with a wet paintbrush.

I wasn't loving the brightness of the turquoise acrylic, so I decided to "distress" the shutters a bit with a sanding block.  This took the color down a bit, plus it made them look a little shabby - just the way I like it!

Once the window was completed, I tacked on the glassine using scor tape around the edges.  I decided to also put "panes" in my glass with a white Pitt Artist's pen.

I toyed around with the idea of putting a closure on the shutters on the outside, but I decided against it, thinking I like the way the shutters flop open when you turn the page, giving you a little "peek" through the window. I just drew on some little latches.

I used a UHU glue stick to attach my window and shutters to the underpaper covered page and now I have a sweet little view out my window--I can hear the waves rolling in right now!

I hope you enjoyed the challenge!  Can you BELIEVE that we only have NINE WEEKS left in the year??? Counting the weeks this way sure makes it fly by!  Happy Documenting!

This week our featured artist is the talented Jeanette House - read about her challenge HERE