What Lies Beneath

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 31
Art Challenge:  Under Paper
Journal Prompt:  What Lies Beneath?

Some of you may be asking, "What is under paper?"  It's something I use a lot in my studio . . . it's the scrap paper you put UNDER your art as you work on it.  It catches the splatters and over sprays, it's what you wipe your fingers and your paintbrush on.  Sometimes the under paper is prettier than the piece you are working on {at least in my case, it is}!  I keep all of it and reuse it in other work, or as wrapping paper, or mail art.

I dug through my stacks of paper, looking for a piece that would inspire me for this week's challenge and I came upon this:

I used this piece under a bunch of manilla tags I was spraying and painting.  This is what was left over.  It reminded me of windows. {lightbulb just went on.}  I cut a piece and used gel medium to glue it down on my journal.  This under paper was a piece of newsprint and it was very lightweight.

Once it was dry, I used a Stabilo pencil to sketch little figures in the windows.  {my poor pencil is only a nub!}  Next I used a waterbrush to lightly wet the pencil marks to darken and smear them a bit.

I also roughly outlined all of the "windows."  I wanted to add some highlights to my figures, so I used my finger to wipe on white gesso.  I prefer to use gesso instead of white acrylic, because it will have a degree of transparency when applied.

I liked where this was going, but I thought I really wanted these figures to stand out.  I grabbed some fluorescent paints and blended  them with my finger on the inside of the windows.  I used my finger instead of a brush because I wanted it to be loose and smeared looking. {in a good way!}

I loved how the fluorescent colors made my little people JUMP off the page!  They were still a bit disconnected, so I added some bright pink circles in random spots on the pages to "connect" the images on the page.

And now you've seen my "under paper!"  Looking forward to your challenges this week.  I have been amazed at the participation and the amazing artwork from all of you!  Just a little side note also - don't worry about taking the challenges and prompts too literally - create your journal pages however you wish.  There are no rules here!  The prompts are suggestions and meant to be "jumping off points" in your creative process.  Happy Documenting!

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