COOL TOOLS - Spinning Palette

Isn't this the coolest???  I found this awesome spinning palette a few years ago and my heart actually started racing when I first saw it on Gina Armfield Rossi's blog. I keep many watercolor palettes - but this one . . . oh my!  Finally a palette with all of my favorite watercolors that could sit on the table in my studio!

The best part of this palette is that it SPINS!  The palette sits on a base with ball-bearings so it glides easily with just a touch!  I squirted my watercolors into the wells then labeled each one.  You could also just drop half pans into the wells so you can change them easily.  I created a swatch on watercolor paper to keep handy while I work.  The mixing tray in the middle pops out for cleaning, plus there are two extras!  This is a dream tool, if you ask me!

These palettes are sold in several sizes - mine holds 85 colors!  You can find them here at Robax Engineering. Disclaimer:  I don't receiving anything from Robax for recommending this product . . . just spreading the love!