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The Documented Life Project:  Week 5

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Doodle Border

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Another fun challenge this week - incorporate a doodle border into your page!  That was fun, however I was a little stuck . . . after the doodle border, then what?  I pulled out  a random piece of Washi Tape to use and when I saw 'Paris' on it - I knew that was my inspiration.  I skipped the watercolor paper this week and took an old piece of ledger paper I had and cut it to fit.  I then began a simple border . . .

Photo Jan 21, 8 16 46 PM.jpg

I cut out and glued in a little watercolor Parisian girl I painted and embellished with several widths of washi tape and a sticker.

Photo Jan 24, 3 12 21 PM.jpg

Of course, what little french painting would be complete without a quote from Coco Chanel?  I wrote this with india ink and my trusty dip pen.  A few splatters made the piece more cohesive and a few appropriate rub on phrases to fill in blank space.

Photo Jan 24, 3 23 24 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 24, 3 41 16 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 24, 3 42 29 PM.jpg

And voila!  A little french inspired page!  Can't wait to see what you all create!  Be sure to visit the other Art to the 5th Artist's blogs for more creative genius!

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