Junk Mail

The Documented Life Project:  Week 3

Photo Jan 07, 1 19 22 PM.jpg

Week Three Already?  I must say I could literally spend hours on our Facebook Page reading the uplifting comments and seeing the many, many versions and interpretations of the challenge.  This week's idea is to incorporate an envelope from your mail into your planner.

I used a piece of junk mail with a wide window and cut it down to fit "pocket style" onto my tipped-in page.

Photo Jan 07, 11 04 55 AM.jpg
Photo Jan 07, 11 17 11 AM.jpg

I stitched three sides together, then adhered it to a scrap sheet of background paper.  I then had a pocket to add a nice journaling card that I could see through the window.

Photo Jan 07, 12 20 19 PM.jpg

The card was a little too plain for me so I punched some hearts out of more scrap paper and added those to the card - adding dimension through outlining.

Photo Jan 07, 12 57 25 PM.jpg

I spend some time doodling around my envelope and page and added some washi tape in black and white for contrasts.  I then tied on some butcher's string, tucked my tag into the envelope pocked and now have a great little spot to tuck away a secret note or journal about my day!

Photo Jan 07, 1 18 18 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 07, 1 21 11 PM.jpg

Hope you enjoyed the challenge - can't wait to see what you come up with!  Don't forget to post your pictures on The Document Life Facebook Page!