Every year, for the past 5 years, I have chosen a word to define my intentions for the coming year.  This Ali Edwards-ish take on her "one little word" project started me on a path each New Year's Day and with good intentions, I dutifully journaled the word, defined  it  and promised myself I would use it for constant inspiration.  Usually, by the third week of the year, the project was abandoned and I would once again look at an unfinished task.

On New Year's Day of 2013, I was a recent empty nester and hovering in that middle place between "full-time nurturer" and "what in the world is my new role in this life?" Where was I going? Who was I now?  At that juncture, the light bulb went off and I realized that I had an opportunity to DECIDE who I was going to be.  I was no longer in an automatic role, I could re-invent myself.  I could leap from the middle place to a new beginning!!  2013 was going to be MY year.

I chose the word EPIC. A very small word with a very large meaning:  As an adjective, EPIC means "an adventure or journey of a grand scale or proportion."  Yep, that was what I wanted.  I wanted to accomplish something BIG.   I made a mixed-media canvas with my little word and I hung it in my studio to remind me every day that I wanted to do something, anything that was of EPIC proportions.

Photo Dec 23, 2 57 27 PM.jpg

I would get pumped up when I looked at it.  I would scratch my head and wonder, "hmmm, is this the day something EPIC was going to happen?"  As the year flew by, the chances of having an EPIC adventure were dwindling and it wasn't until December 5th, that I realized I couldn't wait for something EPIC to happen, I had to make it happen!  And I couldn't, shouldn't, wouldn't do it on my own.  EPIC things need EPIC people behind them.  I sat having lunch with four very special friends (amazing, strong, accomplished women) and as as we nom-ed on our vegan food together, the ideas and inspiration started to flow.  The suggestion and ideas were flying!

• Let's make a free community of people who want to share ideas and inspiration!

• Let's offer weekly challenges and show others by inspiring them with our own art!

• Let's teach people the things we already know and share our gifts with them!

• Let's encourage ourselves and others to be good and kind and charitable!

It was through this meeting of 5 artistic minds that The Document Life Project was born...

Roben-Marie Smithhttp://www.robenmarie.com/
Rae Missigmanhttp://raemissigman.squarespace.com/
Sandi Keene:   https://sandi-keene.squarespace.com/

Barbara Moorehttp://instagram.com/barbaracmoore

Lorraine Bellhttp://serendipitystudios.squarespace.com/

You can read all about it here

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We thought we might get a few people to play along with us.  Heck, we thought we might even get 100 people!  As of today, The Documented Life Project is over 1700 members strong and growing by the hour. The five of us have worked hard and lovingly to create this amazing journey TOGETHER!  It's not just the amount of people that we have gathered, its more about the kind of people that are in our community.  The generosity, talent, love and friendship is shining through.  Each day as I read through the comments, I am moved by the feeling that this is a very special Tribe.  Never in one place have I seen so much anticipation and my faith in the good spirit of mankind has been renewed.  Yes, I would say that this is an EPIC event! (and I made it, just in the nick of time - 2013 will be over in 3 more days! Hmmmmm, whatever will I do in 2014?