The Documented Life Project

Welcome to 2014!  Welcome to a new year, a new project, a new way to document the momentous and the mundane.  This is the year.  Grab it. Write it. Illustrate it. Photograph it.  LIVE IT!

Week One Challenge:  My Door

Photo Dec 26, 6 10 02 PM.jpg

This door is the entrance to my sacred sanctuary.  Not only in the literal sense, but as a metaphor for the entryway to my soul.  No one enters without making a permanent impression.  Most are invited in, few are asked to stay and reside. It is a barrier that protects what I hold most dear; my faith and my family. It is a portal for my dreams. It is a welcome sign for my truest of trues.  Love resides here.

As much as I want to stay inside and hide behind this door, I realize that if I never step out, I will never fully be who I am meant to be.

"She knocked and waited, because when the door was opened from within it had the potential to lead someplace quite different." ~ Laini Taylor

Photo Dec 26, 6 09 22 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 30, 4 41 04 PM.jpg

To create this page, I first did a little brainstorming and mind-mapping, jotting down ideas and anything that comes to mind to jump start the creative process.  I put this sheet aside as I knew I would incorporate it into this project.

Photo Dec 30, 4 42 27 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 26, 3 25 42 PM.jpg

For the door, I used spray inks and paint for my background.  I sketched my door then used a blade to cut my openings.  I wrote my quote on a piece of scrap paper and glued it to the back of my door so it would show through the opening in the door.  I then hinged this page to my planner using washi tape.  On the back of the hinged page, I place my mind-mapped idea sheet for this page, adding my palette colors and doodles.

Photo Dec 26, 4 29 08 PM.jpg

On my journaling page, I listed things most important behind my door and a little pocket flap from a hotel room key where I will keep my resolutions for 2014.

Now I have documented the opening of my year and invited you all to come in and spend some time!

Photo Dec 30, 4 42 02 PM.jpg
Photo Dec 30, 4 41 52 PM.jpg