It's either FEAST or FAMINE these days for me here when it comes to my art!  After taking a long sabbatical and dipping a toe back in the water, in the space of just three days, I have two MAJOR projects that have launched.  The first one, my new book The Art of Crayon has just been released!  And as if that's not enough . . . 

I have been asked to teach a class for Dirty Footprints, Studio 21 Secrets eBook, COLOR! COLOR! COLOR!

21 SECRETS is a 150+ page downloadable eBook filled with 25+ hours of videos, full-colored photos, templates, and clear instruction intended to inspire and deepen the way you approach art journaling from over 21 different teachers!

What makes 21 SECRETS even more special is that you receive all the content at once!  The workshops are yours to keep forever and you can work on them for as long and however much you need!

In the Color, Color, Color! edition of 21 Secrets, the teachers were asked to select subject matters on how color influences their creativity - I chose my favorite color:  SUNSET!

With this amazing eBook, you will be astounded at the lineup of teachers and the bright, bursting color and technique you will learn!  The eBook is available for full download on September 26th, but you can pre-purchase yours now for a discounted price! Click on the image below for more details!

Take advantage of the Early Bird Sale by knocking $10 off the $98 price!

In order to receive your $10 off, you must purchase the eBook during The Early Bird Sale which starts at 3am PST on Wednesday, August 17th and closes at 12am PST on Saturday, August 20th, so don't delay!

Don't forget to use the coupon code:  COLOR in order to receive your discount!

If you have ever taken a course from Connie Solera or Dirty Footprints Studio, you know how well she gathers together top-notch, creative instructors and packs her ebooks full of beautiful inspiration - Color, Color, Color! is no exception!  And if you haven't taken any 21 Secrets courses before, I encourage you to pop over HERE and take a look for yourself!  SEE YOU THERE!

The Art of Crayons Has Hit the Bookstands!

It's finally time to announce the launch of my book:

 The Art of Crayon!  

It has been a long time in the making, but I couldn't be happier to share that  The Art of Crayon is now available in bookstores and online in several countries.

The Art of Crayon expands on the latest crayon craze by showing you how artists have taken the humble crayon to new and greater heights!

 carving by hoang tran

carving by hoang tran

From drawing to sculpting to carving to resist to mixed media and beyond, the crayon has been stretched and moulded and pushed to its astonishing limits by this incredible group of artists. Click on their name and see their amazing place in the art world:

Mary Jane Chadbourne

Diem Chau

Jane Davenport

Jane Davies

Shirley Ende-Saxe

Christian Faur

Jacqueline Fehl

Pete Goldlust

Fred Hatt

Lynne Hoppe

Aletha Kuschan

John Lovett

Elena Nosyreva

Kathleen Pequignot

Hoang Tran

Emmie van Biervliet

Larry Walker

Yevgenia Watts

Herb Williams

 illustration by jane davenport

illustration by jane davenport

 Drawing by fred hatt

Drawing by fred hatt

"What is it about crayons that's so appealing? Why do they still whisper, 'play with me,' with a hint of waxy breath when we catch a glimpse of them in an open box?

 Sculpture by christian faur

Sculpture by christian faur

Just Adding "Author" to my Job Title :)

Over a year ago, I received what I thought was an unusual email from someone, claiming to be an editor, who wanted me to write a book for their publishing company.  I laughed when I received the email and ignored it for several days.  Then . . . a second email came asking if they could please have a phone conversation.  I was secretly intrigued enough to do a little detective work and vet the editor and the publisher.  HOLY SMOKES!  It was legit!

We had our phone appointment where she told me that she wanted me to write a book about crayons.  I know I must have sounded incredulous! "Crayons?" I asked.  "I don't work in crayons!"  She explained that through my blog and art work, she selected me to bring their book concept to life.  She wanted me to be the 'inquisitive reporter' and explore all of the amazing things a person can do with the humble crayon.  "Professional stuff, gallery-quality stuff - not crafts, fine art!!!" And then, she said, "we want you to take what you learn and create some of your own crayon art work!"

She had me hooked. "But wait," I said.  "There's one small problem here. I have never written a book before."  She assured me all would be fine and she would hold my hand through the process.  And indeed she did.

I spent 10 months researching and interviewing some of the most incredible artists I have ever met.  With every mouse click and phone interview, I kept saying, "you can do that with a crayon?"

Sadly, just three days before my final deadline, my soul mate passed away.  Needless to say, the book was put on hold for a short while, but I eventually got through it, with the help of my editor (who is also a widow). She gave me my space and encouragement and told me, "when you're ready, you will finish it."

Digging deep and working hard, I was finally able to complete the work on the book. It has been a bittersweet process, but I am so proud of the work, and just know my husband is in heaven beaming about his wife, the artist and the author!  Dedicated to him and his love and support, I am happy to announce it is finally ready!

My book, "THE ART OF CRAYON," will be released in just one week (August 15th)!  You can pre-buy it HERE if you just can't wait, or stay tuned for all the places (WORLDWIDE) where you can see my book!

More than 20 artists and their incredible artwork graces the pages of this full-color book.  Stay tuned for that list of artists and some "glimpses" inside.  If you do decide to get the book, I would love it if you would leave a review on Amazon or other places the book will be sold and share your input!

Look for THE ART OF CRAYON appearing on Amazon, Amazon UK, Barnes & Noble, Indigo, Book Depository, IndieBound, Waterstones, and your local Art & Craft Stores.  You can also contact me directly to purchase your copy!


Hello everyone!  I have some great news for you today!  I was so pleased and honored to be a part of the teaching lineup for 21 SECRETS Art Journaling Classes last Spring. If you missed the chance to get the E-book and take the classes, today is your lucky day! The amazingly talented and generous Connie Solera from Dirty Footprints Studio is offering Spring and Fall 2015 classes for $21 OFF each their original price!

In 21 SECRETS Spring 2015 art journal along with some wildly talented teachers such as: Roxanne Coble, Carolyn Dube, Jennibellie, Kate Thompson, Tammy Garcia, {ME}, plus many more!

In 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 be inspired by teachers such as Orly Avineri, Catherine Anderson, Chris Zydel, Faith Evans-Sills, Hanna Andersson, and many more.

All you have to do is enter coupon code: FLASHBACK when purchasing 21 SECRETS Spring 2015 and/or 21 SECRETS Fall 2015 and receive a $21 savings off each!

CLICK HERE for 21 SECRETS Spring 2015.

CLICK HERE for 21 SECRETS Fall 2015.