February is all about Taking a Leap at The Documented Life Project!  See how Art to the 5th creates their unPlanner™ challenges this week - Details are HERE

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The Documented Life Project unPlanner™ Week Four

I'm LOVING my unPlanner™ that I am creating with the other Art to the 5th girls this year! We are documenting and planning in a most "unUsual" way.  Stop over at our Art to the 5th Blog where you can get all the details and join in the fun!

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Here's a little peek at what my unPlanner™ looks like this week:

The Coloring Studio!

I am completely HONORED to have been featured in this unique publication from Somerset . . . The Coloring Studio!

This grown up coloring book is brimming with amazing black and white drawings from some amazing artists!  Be sure to pick up a copy and get out that box of crayons that have been collecting dust and create some beautiful art!

The Documented Life Project unPlanner™ Week Three

We are in FULL SWING over at Art to the 5th's Academy site where The unPlanner™ Group is creating amazing planners in unConventional ways!

I hope you will come and join us!  Visit us HERE for all the details!  Don't miss out on the fun this year as The Documented Life Project™ comes "unDone" with another "unDertaking" that is "unDeniably" our best year EVER!