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#everydaymatters Week Six

For my Every Day Matters Sketchbook, I use the Global Arts Square Notebook - just a little 6"x6" I can carry around with me and my beloved Pitt Pens by Faber Castell. I don't typically draw in pencil first - I go straight for the ink and embrace my mistakes! For my watercolors, I use theSchmincke Horadam Watercolor Set but you don't have to go right for the pricey ones at first.  TheSakura Koi Watercolor Set is the perfect size to carry around and is not a huge investment.  Plus it has purple which most sets don't, so that's always a good thing!

Just Create!

October Theme
Translucent Papers
Week 44 - October 31
Art Challenge: Tea Bags, Dryer Sheets, Fibrous Papers
Journal Prompt:  Just Create!

I really love it when you can sit down and "just create" without it being a job, a commission, or art "on demand!"  For this week's challenge, I gave myself permission to play - just for fun, just for me!

The fibrous paper I decided to use was tea bags!  I had a box of large tea bags in my pantry so I opened up 6 of them and emptied them out. I used the tea from just one bag to brew in boiling water.  Once the water boiled, I put all of the opened, empty tea bags in the water and let it sit over night. When they were a nice vintage tea-stained color in the morning, I opened them up on paper towels and let them dry.

I decided to stamp all over my blank page in my art journal with a favorite script stamp and then I added a few butterflies and a dragonfly.  I used permanent black india ink to stamp with and used my heat gun to set the ink so it wouldn't smear.

Next, I used a clear gel medium to paint onto the page and adhered the tea bags, overlapping them randomly.  I also painted gel medium over top of the tea bags.  I let all of this dry for several hours so I would have a nice firm surface to sketch on.

Using a dark, soft lead pencil - I sketched a face among the butterflies. I love how the bumps in the tea bag helped to create rough lines and edges in my sketch.

To paint my face, I used Inktense watercolor pencils to "color" the face. The Inktense pencils are bursting with pigment and I love the vibrancy when I paint over the colored marks with a damp paintbrush.

I continued to paint until my little lady came to life! Once it was dry, I used a spray fixative to seal the page!  That's it - just creating in a simple way!  I can't wait to see what you all create this week using your fibrous papers!

I am so very pleased to share the work of Lynne Hoppe this week, an artist with incredible talent and a gracious heart!  You can find the link to Lynne's challenge HERE.


Abbracci Gratis

Repost from April 2010 {ARK 365}

I received this video today and almost deleted it before I took the time to watch it.  I'm so glad I didn't.  Take a moment to watch it now . . . .

Okay, do you have tears welling up in your eyes like I did when I watched it (all three times)?  I realized this was the ultimate Act of Random Kindness {ARK}.  I googled the YouTube video and found dozens of similar videos in many different countries.  What better way to express what I have been trying spread?  It is amazing to watch how people almost avoid the 'free huggers' at first, but eventually that first person gives in and then there is a ground swelling of love and friendship that slowly starts and then crescendos with so much intensity that it made me want to get out my markers and make a "free hugs" sign!  It is so RANDOM!  That's what I love about it.

The definition of a hug is:

1. To clasp or hold closely, especially in the arms, as in affection; embrace

2.  To hold steadfastly; cherish

3.  To stay close to

This video made me think of the human desire to be touched or held.  It reminded me of all the times that I hugged my children to make them feel better or safer or loved.  And it reminded me of all the times I ached for a hug myself so I could be reassured that everything was going to be all right.  Imagine how many lives were effected in that one day by strangers who just felt the world needed a {hug}.  Imagine being at your lowest point, and then someone is standing before you offering a free hug--no strings attached.  These people are my heroes - Acts of Random Kindness--it doesn't get any better than this!

"For one moment our lives met, our souls touched."  ~ Oscar Wilde

Halloween Happenings

I took a little "me" time this weekend to play and make some Halloween Tag Cards for my friends and family!  I forced myself to use scraps and things that I already had so I dug through my stash and scared up these!  Hope they inspire you to take a little time to create! Happy Haunting!